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Throughout the ages and across thousands of miles, women have embroidered the symbols of their beliefs and legends of their heritage on their clothing and household articles. In many areas women still carry on their traditional embroidery skills, despite the very easy access to modern, machine decorated textiles. In some cultures, the motifs used extend way back through the mists of time and illustrate characters in their mythologies or their religious beliefs.

Eva has travelled across the continents and back through time to bring you many of these colourful motifs in our Travellers Tales kits, which have been designed to give hours of pleasurable stitching to modern embroiderers. Many of these motifs were originally stitched in cross-stitch, others have been translated into cross-stitch or other similar counted stitches. Each of these kits contains several traditional motifs arranged into attractive, vibrantly coloured samplers, which can be made up into cushions or mounted as pictures, mini wall hangings to decorate the walls of any home and beautiful needle cases, lovely scissor cases and scissor keepers, pretty trinket boxes, greetings cards and spectacle cases which would make useful and treasured gifts.

Each kit contains an introduction to the origin of the design and its motifs, full instructions as well as a clear and easy to read chart and all necessary materials.

The kits are available at various exhibitions in and around Worcestershire and at Eva's studio by appointment.

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